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  Weidong Cloud Education Group aims to narrow the education gap between countries and regions, with the mission to boost education and technology for the benefit of the whole world as its mission. It uses “Cloud + Client” Integrated Solutions thatwhich passed the public test of the National Center for Educational Technology,  to cooperatinge with global quality resources enterprises, application software companies and international top hardware service provider corporations to , builds Weidong International Education Cloud Industrial Park in Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley. With the, takes internet education industry as the core and , establishes5000 cabinets of cloud data center, buildings a global coverage, leading international educational cloud resource public service platform with global coverage.
In cooperation with the education departments, Weidong Cloud Education Group resolves the differences and disadvantages of various regions by sharing resources and services of the platform, to improve improving the overall level of information technology, to advanceadvancing the reformation of education and teaching methods, and to achieveachieving balanced development of educational resources.
Through the strategic cooperation with UNESCO, Weidong Cloud Education Group synchronously delivers plentiful and high-quality education resources to all of UNESCO’s member states, and international and regional organizations to achieve the mission of building and sharing education resources worldwide