Established in 2012, Qingdao, currently Weidong Cloud Education Group has branches in 12 countries worldwide.


Weidong Cloud Education owns International Cloud Education Industrial Park and International Research Institute of ICT-Based Education. Weidong merged Demos international vocational education group and Brest Business School. We focus on building an Internet-based educational ecosystem, and aim to currently provide high-quality resources, products, and services for basic education and vocational education for the global education market.


Weidong Cloud Education is the strategic partner of UNESCO, providing international digital education resource sharing platforms for its 195 member countries and regions. Weidong has helped UNESCO hold International Conference on ICT for the second consecutive year Meanwhile, Weidong has many identities and responsibilities, such as the executive chairman unit of the International Internet Education Alliance (IIEA), the executive director unit of the International Universities Innovation Alliance (IUIA), the member of the leading group of Center for Public-Private Partnership of Tsinghua University (TUPPP), etc. Weidong has been actively carrying out international exchanges and cooperation programs and begins to explore and establish new cooperation modes with the governments of other countries and regions worldwide.