International Conference on ICT and Post-2015 Education

publish time:2015-05-26     article source:Weidong Cloud Education

The “International Conference on ICT and Post-2015 Education” was jointly organized by the Ministry of Education of China and UNESCO, and was undertaken by Qingdao Municipal People’s Government, with Weidong Cloud Education as the sole sponsor. The theme of the conference was “IT and Future Educational Reform”. More than 500 representatives from more than 90 countries attended the conference, including more than 50 ministers and deputy ministers of education, and the outcome document Qingdao Declaration was passed at the conference.   

Ms. Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, delivered a speech at the conference and expressed acknowledgement to Weidong Cloud Education for its contributions to the global Internet education field. 

China's Vice-Premier Liu Yandong was present at the conference and read aloud President Xi Jinping’s letter of congratulation.  

Mr. Wang Duanrui, Chairman of Weidong Cloud Education Group, attended the “Seminar for Education and Information Leaders” and conducted an analysis and discussion with the ministers of education of Bahrain, Cuba, and Rwanda as well as the heads of Intel, HP, and Chinese telecommunication enterprises on the action plan for promoting future educational reform using IT. 

At the same time, the “The Chinese National Exhibition on ICT Application in Education” and “The Summit Forum of K12 Principals: Teaching in the ICT Era” were held successfully, with about 100,000 people visiting the exhibition and 2,000 principals attending the forum.