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Vocational Education

Weidong Demos International Education Vocational Training Group is the second largest vocational training firm in Europe. In 2007, Demos Group was listed in Paris, becoming the first Chinese vocational training company of Mainland China to be listed in Europe. Weidong Demos, having operated in the field of enterprise training and vocational education for 45 years, has set up branches in 12 countries (France, UK, America, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, China, and Australia) across five continents, and in the future it will establish partnerships with an additional nine countries.

Our Partners
Five Online Learning Platforms
Enterprise learning platform

Established in 2001, this platform provides software for e-learning and knowledge sharing, as well as a solution editor. It is an internationally recognized LMS (Learning Management System), can be acquired from the cloud or internally. Customers can experience advanced technology with simple implementation, open technology and highly customizable portal.

Weidong Demos customized online learning platform supports PAD and mobile learning terminals, providing learning software through authorization and SaaS mode.

Industry learning platform

The industry learning platform has been developed by Weidong Demos on the basis of the enterprise platform purely for the purpose of serving industrial associations and government agencies.
▧  It has three functions: learning platform, training platform and management:
▧  Learning Platform: Internet+ Online Learning Platform, improvement of skills and knowledge
▧  Training Platform: Combination of online and offline, customized training courses
▧  Management Platform: establish learning files for employees and provide incentives to achieve full service
Provide employees in different regions with accesses to policy releasing, kills competition and excellent staff election.

Institute& University Learning platform

Based on cloud computing technology, it is an new generation online education platform that help students self-learning, improves teaching efficiency and optimize teaching management.
Four Features:
▧  Learning Demands: Provide customized service for special market; meet different needs from every learner or teacher or governor.
▧  Massive Learning: Support massive online learning with extensible solutions for hundred millions users.
▧  Exchange& Sharing Platform: Provide exchange and sharing opportunities.
▧  Ecosystem: Build an open and comprehensive learning ecosystem.

Mobile learning platform

1. Mobile electronic solutions provided by creative mobile applications.
2. Local mobile applications running on iOS, Android and network apps; customizable apps can be designed and made, where learning activities about any subject can be loaded.
3. Independent learning plans or integrated syllabi can be made to help improve learning efficiency.
4. Analysis is available via clouds, which facilitates performance tracking.

Project management Learning Platform

1. Designated Training Institution of State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs P.R.China; Certificated organization of PMI and IPMA.
2. With 20 years of experience in professional project management training, it is a leader in the field of applied project management training.
3. With 22 different language versions covering 51 countries worldwide, it has been already successfully trained 165,000 project managers.

Brest Business School
Brest Business School is a university owned by Weidong Cloud Education. Founded in 1962, it is a world-class academic research and teaching institution. It has campuses in both Brest and Vannes in France, and will set up campuses in China in the future.
Brest Business School offers 10 high-quality disciplines including marine science, international trade and management, and cultural industry management. It also has an excellent international faculty team enjoying good reputation in France and the world beyond. Its tourism program ranks first in France and its finance program third nationwide.
It offers bachelor’s master’s degrees recognized by both France and the Ministry of Education of China, and is a member of the Conférence des grandes écoles, the Fondation Nationale pour I'Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises (FNEGE), the European Foundation for Management Development, and AACSB (the most authoritative MBA agency certification body in the world).
Weidong Demos will conduct further cooperation with other well-known universities in China to strengthen both parties’ disciplinary construction on the basis of the cooperation between Brest Business School and other institutions of higher learning such as Fudan University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and the Ocean University of China.
Weidong Demos has conducted an effective integration of vocational training and resources including courses, faculty, certification, and academic degree programs of French elite universities and alliances with them, and introduced an international academic degree certification system for training courses so as to greatly promote the development of China’s higher education and vocational education to meet international standards.